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Welcome to the Midi Humanizer

Midi Humanizer is an interactive Midi player. You can use it to play an arbitrary Midi file, interactively. The Midi Humanizer does not automatically play the whole Midi file. Instead it lets you play the file note by note. Just connect you Midi keyboard and use it as an input device. Each time you hit a key on your keyboard, the midi file advances one step.

The Midi Humanizer is a standalone application. It can route Midi through virtual Midi cables. Note that the virtual Midi cables are not part of the application. They are available as free separate applications.

Want to know more? Download the documentation.

The Midi Humanizer

Midi Humanizer Screenshot

Screenshot of the Midi Humanizer application.

Can play arbitrary Midi files Open any midi file you want and play it interactively.

Open Source Want to see behind the curtain? This application is Open Source. Go to GitHub and check out the code!

Creates Midi Route the midi to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW): Simply use a virtual Midi cable. In other words: you are not limited to your OS default midi implementation.

Documentation Want to know more? Download the documentation.


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